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ABIS Streamlines your Logistics

ABIS ScreenshotManufacturing and work order optimization are wasted if assets can’t get from where they are, to where they need to be with equal efficiency. Properly managing logistics ensures that assets and teams in transit reach their destinations, and keeps your business moving—with ABIS along for the ride.

  • Track assets from end to end
  • Optimize route management
  • Perfect teams and assets scheduling management
  • Record and report all facets of provider activity
  • Consolidate new shipments into existing orders
  • Generate Bill of Lading

The power of best practices

ABIS’ philosophy is completely different from every ERP Software on the market. Our mission is to transform your company by re-engineering your processes using best practices we have learned over the years working with some of the nation’s leading companies.  Those best practices are the foundation of our software and the reason it is more powerful than any competing solution. Using those best practices through our software will help you automate every single aspect of your business from production to inventory, purchasing, sales, and of course, logistics.  Let ABIS help transform your company into a much leaner, stronger unit.


Below is a link to an example of these new processes being utilized in the Logistics Department of one of our client-partners.


 The features that will change your Logistics Department

Generate Bill of Lading

 Manage Delivery Route

Bill Of Lading

Delivery Route Management

Track and print bills of lading for sales order transactions shipped and generate reports to provide added insight into your shipping processes. Easily tied to Freight Purchase Orders, it simplifies the tracking of all freight costs, as well as linking them to the invoices that are processed in Accounts Payable.Load and route management that maximizes preparation and monitoring of truck cargo. Track deliverables, access the necessary paperwork and optimize your logistics from front to back end.

Track Shipments

Optimize Logistics

Expediting Tracking

Logistics Shipping

Track all scheduled purchases and sales orders with estimated ship and receipt dates, record the required supporting documentation and information, and get notified of shortages or late shipments before the fact.Never search for information or report to several department ever again. View, track, optimize the routes, territories, and schedules, and consolidate these new shipments into existing orders. This enables inter-plant transfers and Bills of Lading creation.





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