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ERP for the Utilities Industry

ABIS is the go-to¬†ERP software for the Utilities Industry. Your role is to make sure that¬ water and wastewater will¬†never mix, and ours is¬†to make sure that your teams don’t waste hours in useless paperwork.

ERP for Utilities IndustryThe experience and knowledge of our teams translate in a fully integrated solution for dispatching work orders, equipment, and materials on a task-by-task basis. User-friendly and web based, your teams can now take their itinerary in their pockets and update their work status in real-time. All the information is collected and sent live to the office where managers can close work orders with the click of a button. Put an end to paperwork, missing information and save hours of work for each one of your employees with ABIS.

  • Receive requests, dispatch work and assign it a problem code
  • Managers allocate work orders and optimize route
  • Field workers receive itinerary on their tablets or¬†phones and update work status in real-time
  • No more papers: complete information and a solution code are¬†sent¬†to the headquarters in real-time
  • Managers verify solution code¬†and close work orders in less than a minute
  • Every single role within the company is streamlined to maximize productivity¬†and save hours of paperwork each day

ABIS ERP Solution

Not many software companies know that “water and wastewater should never mix”, but ABIS does, and this is why we are the go to ERP software for the Utilities Industry.


Workflow Management

Work Order Management

Control your workflow by issuing and dispatching work orders amongst your team

Taps and Inspections

Tapping & Inspections

Track permit and inspection fees, schedule taps and inspections.

GIS Integration

GIS Integration

Add and update locations on the integrated map, manage route and optimize workflow in real-time.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Scan and automatically track assets location, serial number, and receipt date.

Document Imaging Vault

Document Imaging Vault

Add documents from the office, let your teams on the field take pictures and share them in instants.



Manage assets, expenses and monitor cash flow to optimize resources.


“Without ABIS, we‚Äôd probably be a month behind on work orders”


– Michael, Operator at a Utility Business

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